Welcome to LA BARRACUDA St John, US Virgin Islands
Welcome to the TID BITS Room, A cool place to check out some stuff about St John and the La Barracuda experience and Just a few bits of information regarding the property.

The Villa was named this because of the unique layout of the property resembling a pod of Barracudas.

The property itself is one of the more unique properties on St John and is located in Chocolate hole near the top of a large hillside, giving visitors pretty much perfect sunset views everyday. You can also clearly see St Thomas, St Croix and numerous other smaller islands across the landscape. La Barracuda has a well known reputation that precedes it as a great gathering place and has been a favorite for many years from young and old, local and long distance. We have had a number of repeat visitors who have come back over the years. As the property has changed and been improved, many past visitors have commented on the fantastic upgrades to the landscaping (Thanks Gus Textrum) and creative design layout of La Barracuda. We have decorated the house with completely local art, giving visitors a much more island style experience while in St John.

Night time is the right time at "the Cuda" as locals refer to it. The lighting was designed by a very well known lighting architect and expands across the landscape for extraordinarily lit romantic and party time atmospheres. Many visitors have noted that it was a perfect place to "...Just chill out, no need for going out, we just bbq'd and swam and enjoyed the rum. Our days spent at a different perfect beach everyday."

Another unique thing about the layout of the Cuda is that as a group or couples, you can get away to your own area anytime. Each bedroom is separate from the family room, with separate decks and bathrooms. The lower unit even has its own fridge, so no need to climb the stairs, just throw a few drinks in your fridge and hit the lower deck hot tub. We also have a larger and deeper pool than most places with a great deck, table and umbrella lounges and chairs, a great place to relax after your day at the beach, shopping, hiking, diving, there's just so much to do here!! more to come...


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